No More Basic Pumpkins

I bought 14 three dollar pumpkins from Walmart and turned them extra.

I had to sift around to get ones with stems, but they’re a good size and nice and round.

Average, basic orange pumpkins.

Last year I spent a lot of money on ugly pumpkins, white ones and peanut shell looking pumpkins with crazy shapes with weird bumps.

I also needed some flat tops so I could stack them in their multiple fall colors. (Eye-Roll)

Not this year, this year I decided to take a different approach, DIY approach.

Lime. I’m all about it. I want my house lime washed and I want my pumpkins lime washed.

This is a great project to get the kids involved. Super easy and fun.

Here is how I did it.*

-Mix Garden Lime in a bucket with water. Get to a paste like consistency. You’ll need a little extra water for dipping.

-With a paint brush, paint the lime into the pumpkin.

-You can add chunks for more texture but it will take longer to dry.

-Wait for it it dry. The muddy color will change to a chalky white when fully dry.

*It’s important to note that water will take lime right off If it rains, the pumpkins will be washed clean and be back to basic. Just like Cinderella at the strike of midnight.

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