I Have Four Kids Too

Yesterday at the market, I saw a mom with her four children. I did a double take and held my stare a little too long. It wasn’t chaos, noone was fighting, just a normal outing in the middle of the summer. A mom doing a daily task with all the kids in tow.

It was still a sight to behold. Four kids is a lot. Then I remebered, thats what I look like, or at least, I hope thats what I look like.

(In all honesty my kids would be fighting with eachother over who gets to push the cart while simitantiously begging me for sugary cereal.)

I grinned a little and continued my shop all alone. My four boys were in camp for the day.  In that moment, I was gratful I could get in and out of the store without my little helpers. At the same time I felt a little less like me.

Noone knew that I was the mom of four kids too. I was just a lady in the store shopping alone.  So much of who I am is wrapped up in the boys, even though I certainly have my own life, hobbies, friends etc– it is what it is. I am a mom to four boys, it is a badge I wear proudly.

I wanted to tell that mom, with my smile, with my voice that I have four kids too. I wanted to share that bond, share a smile, but instead I went on with my shop.

I was kicking myself for not saying, “Hey Mama, youre doing great. It is uneblivable really. You make it look easy.”

As fate would have it, we parked next to each other.  I loaded my grocerieswith ease and then put my cart away. She buckled seat belts and started the air-conditioning. As I returned from putting my cart away, I spoke up. “I’ll put your cart up for you. I have four kids too.”

We smiled.


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