To My Valentine: 10 Gift Ideas That Will Go Straight To My Heart


To My Valentine,

Just in case you are at a loss for great gifts for me this V-Day,  I have some ideas for you. Any one of these, to me, is better than a box of chocolates and a dozen roses. Those gifts mentioned are always appreciated, of course, but let me steer you in the direction that goes straight to my heart.

  1. Plan a future date night.  The place, the sitter, the meal- you handle all the details. This is better than actually going out on V-day, IMO.
  2. A gift card to my favorite store/shop/restuarant/coffee house. I can spend and enjoy at my leasure and it will be mine all mine.
  3.  A nice note. Tell me how you appreciate me.
  4. clean sink in the morning. This little gift of love requires you to do the dishes the night before,  load the dishwasher, unload it and leave no dishes in the sink, or on the counter near the sink. This will give me such joy in the morning, you would not even believe it.  
  5. Send me to a hotel by myself.  No children, no you. Sorry, not sorry. Mama needs a break.   It doesn’t need to be a fancy spot,  just give me four walls in a room of darkness all to myself for 24 hours. I will come back a new woman, I promise. 
  6. Want to do flowers? Choose an orchid. It doesn’t have to come from the florist, they have them at the grocery. To me, this blooming baby is much better than cut roses. It will last. Like our love. 
  7. Match all the socks in the house and toss any that don’t match. I highly doubt you’ll choose this one, but I would be eternally grateful.  
  8. Bring home sushi and wine and lets eat together, at the table, no phones, no kids, just us.
  9. Lunch date. Lets meet for lunch on V-day and really take the time to chat. No talking about schedules or work or any of that. Just Lunch. 
  10. Let me sleep in. Whatever it takes, just let me sleep in. 

This is the go-to-list for you this year, save it for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. This is the way to this tired Mama’s heart.  Hugs and kisses.

I Am The Stump

I first wrote this post for Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog. 

At the end of the day I feel like a stump. Not just any stump, I’m referring to the stump in one of my favorite books to read to my boys, Shel Silverstein’s, The Giving Tree. 

The message is, ’tis better to give than to receive. I am behind that message 100% and try to instill it in my children. But the very book I read to my littles mocks me nightly. Because I am that stump. 


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