Blue Toilet Water Is Tacky

Colored toilet water is wrong. It is yucky and tacky. I don’t like the way it looks. 

Toilet seat covers and rugs shaped to fit under the toilet are in the same tacky category.  Just, don’t.

While I love a clean toilet, which is hard to come by with four little boys-I won’t compromise on the color of the water. I’ve written about my toilet woes before,  but today I come to you not with a problem, but with a solution. 

Ta Da! Lysol Click Gel. This is such an awesome product. Moms, listen up!


It is an automatic toilet bowl cleaner.  Did you hear the best part-automatic. Except-there is no tacky blue water or large hanging cake or need to remove the heavy lid off the back of the toilet. 

This product  works for me and our family boys in a way that is easy and genius. 

  • I don’t have to touch the toilet or the product. 
  • It lasts for a week. 
  • It covers the smell of urine. Even when toddlers forget to flush. 
  • You can’t see it. 
  • It’s inexpensive. 

I did get burned once or twice already  when I put the gel along the side of the rim, visable to little boys. So,  please be forewarned of my mistakes:

Rookie mistake #1

Putting the gel on the side of the rim.

My child found star the star of freshness  intriguing and actually pulled it off  with his bare hands. Which was as revolting as it sounds-especially  because he came to me with it on his finger tip. Vomit.  

Rookie mistake #2

Placing the gel in the back of the rim. This placement mistake led to instant target practice.  Which led to splash and competitions and more smell and mess. 

So now, as seasoned mother,  I place it under the rim at the front of the toilet.  Bingo. Game changer. No target, no visibility. 

Lysol Click Gel  covers up the stinky dribble and missed marks-even a forgotten flush. 

It is part of my weekly routine now. Open, click and toss.

If you’ve got boys in your house, the toilet is going to be a challenge. A daily struggle. But, maybe now it will be a little less stinky.  

But wait.  There is a product that caps off stink before hand.  You can tag team the stink!

V.I.Poo by Air Wick.

Listen, I know it is tacky to even talk about #2 and #1- but this is a great product to have in guestrooms, all your  bathrooms. You use it before, not after. Trust me, I would only tell you if it was something great- and this stuff works.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Bene Tip! I’ll keep bringing you prouducts that aid in the raising of four good {stinky} boys. As well as products that I just adore just for me. 

Want More…? I made a video. In my sweaty tennis clothes- for all to see.

What Is That Smell?


What’s that smell? No, seriously where is it coming from? 

Potty training is not my forte. But, somehow I got there, four boys done and dusted, twins and all.  But I digress, this post is less about potty training and more about that smell.  

Boy moms, you know what I am talking about. The smell in the bathroom, that lingering urine stench. You’ve bleached. You’ve Lysoled and yet it lingers. You’ve gotten down on your hands and knees, scrubbed the floor, the dribble in the front underbelly of the john, you’ve even managed to get to the Bermuda Triangle behind the toilet and next to the sink-you’ve been there and cleaned it.  Yet the potent stench remains. 

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