There Is Always One

As a mom of four rowdy little boys, I am well aware of the behavior threshold they possess. Our boys are a lot wherever we go. Our family knows our limits and we try to plan accordingly. But, without a doubt, before long, one of them is going to start a fight,  complain or misbehave.  

There is always one.  

There is always one child who is unhappy. There’s always one child who feels left out, one that hates me and one who is pouting. There is always one who can’t sleep, who doesn’t want to eat and there is  always one child who can’t seem to find his shoes. 

There is always one child throwing a temper tantrum in public,  one child tormenting the dog or his brother or me. There is always one child who needs help in the bathroom or with homework. There is always one who had a bad day at school.

There is always one who wants more than I have to give and one that won’t give me the time of day. There is always one doing something dangerous, crazy or silly. There is always one out of the four boys acting a little too difficult before my morning coffee.

But, there is also always one who reaches for my hand and says please and thank you.  

There is always one child who tells me I look beautiful with my hair in a messy bun and pjs on. There’s always one child who smiles at just the right moment and he melts my heart then and there.

There is always one child being nice and polite or the peacemaker of the family. There is always one child helping his brother,  making good grades and leading others in a positive way. There is  always one child making me feel proud, and there is always one child who wraps his arms around me and tells me he loves me. 

There’s always one child fast asleep next to me and always one begging to watch him play. There is always one to throw the ball with and there’s always one child who wants to  sit in my lap. 

There’s always one up to play;  ride bikes, play cards, or  hide and seek with. There is always one who is dying to a build fort together. 

Having four children does stretch me, but it also fulfills me. It is frustrating and wonderful all at the same time. 

Yes, there is always one who is pushing someone’s buttons; but there is always one pulling at my heart strings too.  There is more than one to love and there is more than enough love to go around for one and for all. 


This piece was shared with 4 Boys Mother and I am thankful to Melissa Fenton for having me as her guest blogger! 

Back To School Shoes


Dressing Twins Alike, Except For Their Shoes

Identical twin boys-they are the same but different in many ways. I can tell them apart, but many people cannot, including their teachers.  Matters made worse  when I dress them alike. Opps.

But, that is a perk of having twins- right? The cuteness factor doubles when dressed alike. Alas, I needed a surefire way to tell them apart with a quick glance, even when dressed alike. Something that could help define them daily.

It came down to shoes. In different colors. Problem solved, but not as easily as it sounds.

My wish list for a school shoe is simple.  My search isn’t always so.

Shoes need to velcro

Shoes need to be sporty

Shoes need to come in toddler sizes

Shoes need to come in multiple ( or at least 2) colors

After narrowing it down and down and down…my search led me to one brand.


This comfortable, easy to get on  (by themselves), big kid-looking athletic shoe, in so many fun colors, is the perfect choice for us. shopping.jpeg3595050-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg

Blue and green again for the win.

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