Are You Cleaning Bath Toys Often Enough?

Weekly. That’s how often I clean our bath toys. They build up grime and mildew if we don’t. Look closely at your toys and evaluate. Try not to puke.

In a clean basin, tub or sink-soak the toys in a mixture of dawn soap and vinegar. Dawn works wonders. I also like to use sterilization tablets. These are leftover from bottle days and help even more. If you don’t have them, no biggie.

After scrubbing and soaking; empty all water from toys and let toys dry.

As a rule I don’t allow squeezable toys. The ones that suck up water and squirt it back out-those harbor mold and cannot really be cleaned. Some people super glue the hole shut on those but I don’t have time for that.

Laundry Hack For Multiples


How do you handle all of the clothes?

There is just so much laundry with littles running around. Changing outfits on the hour.  No worries, I have a solution. Its called the dot system.  I made the name up, but it is what it says it is.  This system is so simple and it makes it easy for kids to help with the loads of laundry that needs to be sorted and put away.

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