20 Things I Will Teach My Sons In 2020

20 Things I Will Teach My Sons In 2020

1. Never shake a man’s hand sitting down. Have a firm handshake for both men and women and look them in the eyes.

2. Don’t enter a pool by the stairs. Never dive head first into a body of water.

3. Learn how to grill. The man at the grill is helpful and hailed as hero of the BBQ.

4. In a negotiation, never make the first offer. Don’t throw out the first number.

5. Request the late check-out at hotels and leave a tip for the cleaners.

6. When entrusted with a secret, keep it and don’t hold it over anyone.

7. Return a borrowed car or boat with a full tank of gas. Return borrowed clothes dry cleaned.

8. Play sports with passion and sportsmanship or don’t play at all.

9. Don’t be the person with loud music on the beach. The beach is the vacation, don’t be distracted by all the other activities. Wear sunscreen and reapply.

10. Carry a handkerchief.

11. Write thank you notes.

12. Never be afraid to ask out the best looking person the room.

13. Never turn down a breath mint. If you’ve been offered one, take it. But please don’t chew gum.

14. Thank a veteran when you see one.

15. Keep making new friends. Seek out those needing a friend. Stand up for your friends.

16. Don’t send an email when you’re angry. Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry.

17. Manners make the man. Mind yours.

18. Give credit. Take the blame. Own your mistakes. Ask for help.

19. Love and protect your siblings. They are the greatest gift I gave you.

20. Be confident but stay humble.

*Adapted from Rules To Teach Your Son

*Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

Make Your Manners


Remind Your Children To Make Thier Manners At Birthday Parties

Make your manners. One single phrase.  It means, be polite, say hello, say goodbye, be respectful and grateful to hosts and hostess. It is a call to action.

I am teaching my children to make their manners and you should be doing it with your kids too.

My children must make their manners  when arriving and leaving an event or someones home. This is  especially imperative when arriving and leaving a birthday party.  With four boys ranging in ages 3-8, birthday parties seem to account for most of our social events these days; and that is a good place to start. 

“Make Your Manners”

The older children in our family only need to hear, “Make Your Manners” to understand all it encompasses.  My younger kids still need reminding with step-by-step instruction.  But eventually,  they too will know what to do when I remind them to make their manners. 

Reminding a child to make their manners is simply reminding them to be polite when arriving and leaving a social situation. I find it sinks in best when told right before we walk in to the event. 

Remember to find the birthday boy, wish him a happy birthday and say thank you for having me. You also need to find his parents and tell them thank you for having you. Only then may you go play.  Say please and thank you and if you don’t like the food being served simply say no thank you. When the birthday boy is opening gifts, pay attention and tell him you’re happy for him. 

When its time to leave, please don’t give me trouble, don’t ask for more time or complain. Make sure you find the birthday boy and thank him again for including you; tell his parents the same.   You can also tell them you enjoyed the party. Don’t expect or ask for a party gift; if one is given, remember to say thank you. 

When I tell my children to make their manners, I am enforcing a call of action I expect from them: Treat others with respect and gratitude.

The world would be a better place if we all remembered to make our manners.