Packing For Summer Camp

Packing for camp had me a little crazy this year. All the theme nights….and so many pairs of socks and underware- I had to purchase as I packed. But- I got it all done with a little help from Mabels Labels. img_5701-1

Mabels Labels has the easy stick on type, the iron on type {see my tip for easy application below} The labling- while it took a little forward thinking and planning and ordering {hello free shipping} was well worth the ease and security knowing when my son looses something it has a chance of making it back to us.

Top Tip: 

I like to use my  hair straightener for the collars and small spaces when ironing on clothing labels.


You can even shop back to school at Mabels Labels. But long live summer until then!

Back To School _DSeries 125x125

With your purchase I make a commisson.

I promise you’ll love these and need them in your life.

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