I Expect More From My Kids

Lately on social media I see loads of back-to-school organization tips and picture tutorials for packing the perfect lunch. I’m over here shaking my head.

It is just too much.

Parents proudly showing off the chore charts they made or the homework centers; snacks in shoe hangers labeled what is appropriate to eat when; tooth brush stations with timers and towers of plastic drawers with outfits labeled for the entire week.

No thanks.

Instead of making it hard on myself to make it easy on my kids-I’m going to simply expect more from my kids.

Instead of taking it upon myself I’m putting it upon my kids.

My preparation for back-to-school involves holding my kids accountable and responsible for their self and that includes school organization.

Sure, I’m happy to help, encourage and provide things. But I am only giving tools to them. I’m not doing it for them.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. #truth

My 4th grader and 1st grader can lay out their own clothes the night before school. I don’t want to or need to label drawers with the days of the week and all their outfits neatly placed inside. They will do their homework at the kitchen table while I make dinner.

Life with kids in school doesn’t have to be fancy or systematically organized at every turn to work.

Organization is great-but what’s wrong with expecting our kids to get on with it and do their chores because we said so, not because of a reward chart.

Teaching my kids to be independent and self sufficient is my goal and I’m prepping for a great school year.

4 thoughts on “I Expect More From My Kids

  1. Gosh, so true, thank you! These kids need to be able to do all of this for themselves before too long so why not start now? Our child centered culture can be ridiculous at times, and this is a perfect example of that.


  2. My boys are the same ages and I am the same way! I help my kids but I don’t do for my kids! Often times I’ve had people tell me, “They are just different from other kids!” I smile and say “I hope so! I expect them to be different!”
    Thank you for the encouragement!!!!


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