Halloween ‘Shots’

img_0990I made these shots for a party over the weekend. They’re super easy and quite the crowd pleaser.

Here is what you need:

  • Ice + wine bucket for presentation 
  • Vodka (chilled in freezer)
  • Lime juice, not fresh though,because, pulp. I like this brand
  • A dark cranberry juice
  • Syringe Shots, I got mine at Walmart, but you can also find them here.  

I made mine in a pitcher, as if I was making one big drink.  Taste it along the way to make sure it isn’t too sweet or too strong. For mine, I ended up  using  a fifth of Tito’s Vodka, about 3/4 of a jug cherry cranberry juice and lots of squirts of lime juice. Just do it to taste and it will be perfect. You know what you like.

Next, I filled each syringe to the line and placed them in a gallon ziplock to lay flat in the freezer.

I let them freeze for about an hour, just to be ice cold.

Finally, I placed them in the ice bucket  for easy access.

We had 18 total and with a quick wash and rinse could refill the shots as we ran low.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!