The Perfect Boiled Egg

This used to trouble for me. But now I have it down. There is a trick: the perfect egg timer and a spoon.

Here are the things you need.

A pot; water; eggs; and the perfect egg timer. It’s $6 and will make your egg boiling so much easier.

Add cool water to cover the eggs and the timer.

Bring to a boil. Watch the timer for desired level of boiled egg. Hard, medium or soft.

Next, pour out the the hot water and run cool water over them; set aside to cool.

Once cool, you can begin to peel.

You have to use the spoon to break the liner and the spoon works as a suction to pull the shell off in large pieces. Sometimes you can even get the whole shell in one go.

Perfect every time.

We love boiled eggs as a snack; in salads; deviled….especially at Easter. Enjoy!

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