Don’t Toss The Christmas Cards You Received.

Each Christmas my family sends out about 100 Christmas cards to dear friends and loved ones. In return, we receive cards from loved ones.

It’s the most fun time of the year to check the mailbox and our children take part too. It’s a race to the box each day and an exciting feeling to get real mail with real meaning. Call me old fashioned, but it’s such a joy for us.

We love opening up each card and discussing the family represented, reminding our children who each person is and why they’re important to us.img_2166.jpg

I attach the cards received to long ribbons in our kitchen. Each one displayed brings a smile to my whole family’s face. It’s that warm, fuzzy, Christmas feeling and we enjoy looking at each one throughout the season.

But once Christmas is over and we’re taking down the decorations, we don’t toss the cards. We hang onto them and save them for special purpose the following year.

The cards come out again around Thanksgiving. We look at each one and each night, we will pick a few and pray for the family pictured.

This tradition was passed down to me by a friend of mine, and yes, she and I exchange cards too. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing she’s praying for my family.

Nothing puts my family in a more thankful mindset than counting our blessings out loud and seeing them before us in picture.

When I count my blessings, I count my friends and family twice.

So, hang on to all those beautiful cards! Don’t toss them away. Save them in the box of Fall and Thanksgiving decor.

Next year you’ll be reminded of your blessings as you send thoughts of thanksgiving and love to family and friends, near and far, each whom remain present in your life. img_2162.jpg


Each year the cards received are kept

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