Stadium Bags. You need one.


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New rules for the entire SEC for 2017 as well as NFL and other sporting organizations require all bags to be a certain size and clear.

Guess what-that is not an easy thing to find locally. Nor are any options fashionable and practical. ( No thanks to the ziplock bag idea NFL, or the tiny hand sized bag, I’d rather not.)

I am not going to be the one who thinks she has the right size bag and then come to find out I am wrong-at the gate-with my family- and  my husband someone has to go back to the car and leave my bag and the contents far away. Yikes.

No thank you.

I am a mom, therefor I plan. I am also southern, therefor I like football. I am also an Ole Miss graduate, therefor I like to look put together and nice at games and entering  the stadium with a zip lock is not cute.  I am not doing that.  I want a solution.

Now, I don’t have to fret. Stadium Bags came along and they fit the exact size requirement, meet all the needs for being see through, and they hold all my stuff and my family’s stuff.

I am totally the bag lady. Somehow I am always loaded down with the car keys, sun screen, wipes, my husband’s sun glasses-my huge phone-not to mention snacks, toys and whatever else someone has given me to hold for the long football day.  The new rule was making it pretty hard to manage it all.

If you’re heading to a game this season-you will be so sorry if you don’t have the right bag!  You really have to have a bag, y’all.  When temps start to drop, you’ll want an extra scarf or gloves and place to put it all in while watching the games. No more over-stuffed pockets. This water-resistant bag is the answer.

You won’t find a better bag at a better price. It is super well made and it does what it says it will do. For $27 it is yours. All in, no shipping fees.

Returns, should you be unsatisfied for any reason, are a cinch.

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I am working for 6th+ Style. However, these opinions are my own and I really do love this product and I know you will too!



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